Noah Da Don

Noah Da Don is a DMV representer but has made moves in London, Paris and Atlanta. He’s made money doing music in three different currencies with no major record deal and can still return to the same neighborhood where it all started. That says a lot about this guy. I caught up with Noah to discuss his new single which drops today, his career in the music industry and what he has planned for any future projects.

CWTV: How and when did you get started in music?
Noah Da Don: I got started in the music when I was a child. My mother use to tell me I use to to walk around making up words plus I have a lot of family members that was in the music industry. My uncle Jesse was a jazz musician and my cousin Louie had a go-go band called Pure Elegance with the hit, “Put Your One Leg Up”.

CWTV: How did recording and performing overseas effect your music career?
Noah Da Don: It was a big experience, it gave me motivation to start thinking International.

CWTV: What inspired you to right your new single “HardBody”?
Noah Da Don: What inspired me was what I was going through, I had just moved back to Atlanta and I was just ready to go hard at everything.

CWTV: Will it be available on iTunes?
Noah Da Don: Yes it will be on iTunes.

CWTV: What excites you most about the music industry and being an artist?
Noah Da Don: What excites me is everything I been through. I’ve experienced so much in this game. I’ve been through the ups and downs and I’ve worked with a lot of people. I’ve had deals on the table, I’ve had talks with Coke Boys South and Ty Citi. As far as management, I’ve been managed by Akon’s old manager Eskor Ladder. He’s actually the reason I went to London and gave me the game on thinking international.

CWTV: Are you working on any other projects and if so, when can we expect them to drop?
Noah Da Don: Yes, I’m working on my mixtape called “Empire”, that will be coming soon I’m thinking late august early September.

Check out the new track by Noah Da Don and this summer’s banger. You need to have this one in heavy rotation; whether you’re on the way to work, last set at the gym or heading out to the club. This is the one you’re going to need to remind you, to leave nothing to chance and go hard for everything.


New Music: Hard Body – Noah Da Don

“There’s no negotiations.”

hardbody noahdadon

For those that are unaware, there are two type of artists. The lifer and the quick check artist. The lifer usually has history in the music industry, has spent time not only learning the craft but the business side of the industry, they’ve written songs for other artists and they’ve given away some of they’re best music for free download. While the quick check artist is just a paid act. They’re here for a quick check and are already planning on moving onto something else. These guys come and go every quarter, you know, the one hit wonders. But every once in awhile the industry gets a guy that comes in that revolving door and doesn’t leave, that’s our lifer. I introduce to you Noah Da Don, this guy’s a lifer. Noah started out as Young Noah, but quickly after noticing his lifestyle was faster and in a different lane than most he really embraced the Don lifestyle, by changing his name. Noah Da Don is a DMV representer but has made moves in London, Paris and Atlanta. He’s made money doing music in three different currencies with no major record deal and can still return to the same neighborhood where it all started. That says a lot about this guy.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in the studio with Noah a few times and he records to make music. Some artists show up with verses already written, no beat selected and struggle with putting together a hook, let alone a bridge. Noah likes to select the beat that speaks to him the most and puts everything together on the spot, starting with the hook. All good artists understand one universal truth,”a song is nothing without a good hook.”

The summertime is the busiest season for hip hop and Noah isn’t sitting in the bleachers, he’s got a cross over and slam dunk too. Noah’s latest track “Hardbody” really exemplifies his Don approach to life. With talks of vacations in Colombia, foreign cars, being treated like a God Father by his team Tip Toe Ent. and how their work ethic will out do all. This is that track that celebrates loyalty, hard work and fearlessness. And you know what I say about those who are fearless? Fate loves them. Noah’s tightening his grip on the game that he’s studied so intently for years. Noah’s single for the summer “Hardbody” is set to drop on July 15th. I’ve listened to it a dozen times now and its that quality street music that TTE is known for. Make sure to download this track and follow Noah on Instagram @Noahdadon for the link when this drops on the 15th or check back to this article on July 15th for the link as well.

What’s Your Idea?: The Founding Moms.


Have you ever used Many have made created great groups on there for us all to enjoy, most of the time for free. Many of those same people have over time turned their groups into profitable businesses, very similar to Jill Salzman. Before starting The Founding Moms Exchange Jill had 2 kids and 2 businesses. She wanted to create an environment where mothers like herself could support one another with business tips and secrets. So in 2009 she turned to Meetup to create this idea and connect with other mom entrepreneurs. She started a group in Oak Park, Illinois which lead to one in Chicago, NYC and LA. Today in 2014 she oversees Meetup groups in 43 cities and 9 countries at a total of over 8,000 members. To her group she sells advice called The Founding Kit and access to podcasts, newsletters and membership to an online community for $37 a month. On October 6th she will be hosting the very 1st The Founding Moms conference in Chicago on October 6th.


New Music: Seen It All – Jeezy Ft. Jay-z

Coming from a “20/20 Pyrex vision” to a “diamonds in my Rolex mission”, I’m sure that Jay and Jeezy have seen much more than most of us can imagine. In this new track they recap on the progress and process of going from the streets to suites, dodging prison, winning and taking losses. You gotta applaud these guys for how far they’ve come. Jeezy’s 5th studio album is set to drop soon and this is the beginning of his marketing run. It’s the summertime. Did you think the snowman was going to miss out on making it a cold one? Peep the new track “Seen It All” here and his other circulating single “Me OK”, below. If you’re interested in showing some true support cop the “Seen It All” single here. Album is due September 2nd.

I Always Wanted To Be A Dope Boy.

Growing up, the majority of my male influences were street pharmacists. They lived a crazy life. Decorated with nice cars, plenty of cash, plenty of ladies, nice clothes, out of town trips, violence and the respect of many. As a young man I didn’t want to be a dentist, a lawyer, or an architect though I repeated that at family functions. Growing up I wanted to be a dope boy. I wanted to make lots of money and didn’t want any college degree to get in the way of that.

Klappa Da Kidd has made the anthem for guys that grew up with similar influences. The guys that didn’t stumble into the hustle but were rather raised in it. What does the “dopeboy” represent? Entrepreneurship. Independence. Independent from the community that never showed him no love in the first place. The truth is that you can be an independent entrepreneur selling anything, not just dope. Nonetheless, I love this fucking song. This is as authentic as it gets. This isn’t that touchdown celebration music. This is that redzone, tied game, 4th quarter two minute warning, 4th and inches music. Which is also the title of the mixtape where you can find this song, amongst other tracks that’ll get your adrenaline pumping. Download “4th and Inches” here and check out the video below for “Dope Boy” by Klappa Da Kidd Ft. Noah Da Don, and another favorite of mine off the mixtape “My Fault” Ft. Yung Ru.

What’s your idea?:


Ever gone eye glass shopping to only find great styles but get frustrated that none fit your face comfortably? Yeah? Well, so did Kate Doerksen. Kate has been to some very prestigious business schools, she’s had experience in investment banking and private equity. But when she realized that there had to be a better way to shop for glasses by using a virtual simulator she knew she was on to something. In 2009 she recruited two classmates and they immediately went to work. In 2012 they launched their site, selling 350 styles. allows you to upload a video of your profile from the neck up, which is the video that will be used to virtually simulate your eye glass shopping. There’s a solution to every problem and when it comes to the shopping experience technology can solve many inconsistencies and inconveniences. What do you dislike about shopping that you think technology could improve?

New Music: Chris Brown, Usher and Rick Ross

Not only did Chris Breezy kill it on stage at the BET Awards yesterday with his hit single “Loyal“, ruffling a few feathers in the crowd, I’m sure. He also released a dope track with two legends Usher and Rozay. Chris Brown has been through his share of ups and downs over the past few years, with legal battles to make it all the more complicated. It’s great to see  that those problems haven’t effected the quality of music that he makes. I’m looking forward to see what else Breezy has in store for the airwaves. Check out the new track “New Flame” below.

Want to be a Star? A Youtube Star?

Everyone at one time or another has wanted to be famous. Whether it was to be a famous athlete, model, musician or heroic figure. Now there’s a new way that most of us are familiar with, and this way doesn’t require that you know someone in the industry. It really just comes down to the quality of the content that you create. Youtube Stars are the new wave of celebrities that are self-made and are releasing better content than most organizations. There are thousands of people that are creating original content for their Youtube channel and are earning $100k a year or more due to ad revenue. Below is a video from CNN Money explaining the experience of two very successful Youtube Stars, enjoy.

The Best Moment in NBA Draft History.

Adam Silver has done it again, twice in one year he has shocked the NBA community and made us proud to be a part of it. Isaiah Austin was for sure a number one round draft pick going into this year’s NBA Draft, but unfortunate circumstances put this all to a halt. Austin was diagnosed just days before the draft during a routine physical, with Marfan Syndrome. Due to this, doctors told Austin that he could no longer play competitive sports and he couldn’t even play a simple pickup game. Marfan Syndrome is a disorder of connective tissue, the tissue that strengthens the body’s structures. Disorders of connective tissue affect the skeletal system, cardiovascular system, eyes, and skin. Peep the greatest moment in NBA Draft history below.


Sage The Gemini, The Bay Area Representer.


Sage The Gemini has been blazing the radio waves throughout the Bay Area and most of the nation for about a year now. With two hot tracks: Gas Pedal and Red Nose. Both of them peaked on the Billboard top 100, Gas Pedal at #29 and Red Nose at #54. Sage signed with Republic Records in 2013 which is home to Drake, Nicki Minaj and Enrique Iglesias amongst many other super stars. Sage has done all this before he released a studio album. Which if history has taught us anything, this is a sign of a very promising career and is a clear sign that we can expect many more dope tracks that’ll have the clubs rockin from the line to the bar and back.